Two Singapore Airlines cabin crew assaulted in Melbourne near layover hotel

Two Singapore Airlines cabin crew members became victims of a random assault in Melbourne on the evening of October 2, 2022.

The two crew members went on a McDonald’s run near the airline’s layover hotel, Rendezvous Hotel on Flinders street, when the attacker approached them, reported Singaporean media outlet AsiaOne. 

"One dude (with two other friends) gave a huge nudge on my shoulder, then jab[ed] me on my right face," one of the cabin crew wrote in an Instagram post.

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Image source: AsiaOne

After recovering from the impact of the blow, he noticed that his colleague was "on the floor". The cabin crew then claimed that he tried to defend himself but was stopped by either the assailant's friends or a passerby.

Policemen and paramedics shortly arrived on the scene and apprehended the attacker. The cabin crew member insisted that he and his colleague were not intoxicated or under any substance when the incident occurred. 

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