Amsterdam airport offers security workers 20% pay rise -labour union

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is offering security workers a pay rise of 20% on average in a bid to solve ongoing staff shortages, labour union FNV said on Thursday.

Schiphol, one of Europe's busiest airports, has been grappling with long passenger queues for months and has cut capacity by almost a fifth until at least March 2023 due to the lack of security staff.

Agreements struck between Schiphol and the two main unions at the airport offer security workers a pay rise of 2.50 euros ($2.46) per hour from November, while nightshift supplements will be increased by 35%.

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Passengers at Schiphol have faced long lines for security checks for months due to a shortage of workers, causing many travellers to miss their flight.

KLM, the main airline at Schiphol, said the situation now seemed hopeless, as the airport had for months failed to offer any viable solution.

"For KLM this is the last straw", the Dutch arm of airline group Air France KLM said in a statement. "Again and again, airlines and their passengers need to offer the solution."

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