INCIDENT | A Ryanair’s flight from Manchester made an emergency landing after a man flashed co-passengers before peeing on seat

After an intoxicated man reportedly urinated on an aircraft seat, a Ryanair flight had to reroute and make an emergency landing.

Some of the “disruptive” passengers, including the drunk man, were then forcibly removed from the aircraft where they were arrested by local law enforcement officers.

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The Ryanair flight then resumed its onward journey from the Portugese island of Porto Santo where they had been forced to make the emergency landing.

On the evening of September 18, the crew of the Ryanair flight from Manchester airport to Tenerife already knew they had a problem when they were seating passengers. A passenger on the flightt, who wanted to remain anonymous, recalled the ordeal, saying that even before the captain decided to reroute the aircraft, one of his fellow flyers appeared “rotten” drunk.

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In the interview with Liverpool Echo, he said, “The flight was delayed at Manchester Airport so there was more drinking time. Usually when you get on a delayed flight, the first thing you hear is the captain and cabin crew welcoming you on board and apologising for the delay. But straight away the first announcement on the system was ‘anyone found drinking their own alcohol or smoking in the toilets will be dismissed from the plane and if needs be we’ll divert’ so they were aware of this passenger straight away.”

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