INCIDENT | Boeing 747 engine cowling falls on a roof in Belgium

A piece of an Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 traveling to Malta fell off and landed on the roof of a residential house in Waremme, Belgium, in the late evening of September 8, 2022. 

The engine cowling detached from the plane and damaged the roof of a garage, local media reports. 

The incident did not result in any casualties. However, the aircraft in question was temporarily grounded after reaching Malta.

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“We were in our room and we heard the sound of a plane flying over the house at low altitude,” the owner of the house, is quoted by Belgian tabloid 7sur7. “Shortly after it passed, a very loud noise occurred. I thought it was due to the storm and nothing was visible from our window. It was only in the morning that we noticed the part and the damage.” 

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According to Radarbox data, Air Atlanta Icelandic flight took off from Liege (LGG) at 11:38 pm CEST (21:38 GMT) on September 8.  

It passed Waremme at approximately 21:42 GMT while climbing, and then proceeded to Malta Luqa international airport (MLA), where it landed at 23:52 GMT. 

According to Planespotters data, Air Atlanta Icelandic has 10 active Boeing 747s in its fleet. The 747F in question, registered TF-AMC, is leased from Magma Aviation. 

Radarbox data shows that as of the afternoon of September 9 the aircraft remains on the ground at MLA. 

According to 7sur7, the engine cover that landed in Waremme has been retrieved by the authorities, and an investigation into the incident started.  

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