Due to a strike by French air traffic controllers Ryanair cancels 420 flights

Due to a French air traffic control strike that will reduce overflights and more than halve Air France’s scheduled short- and medium-haul services, Ryanair announced that it will cancel 420 flights on Friday, affecting 80,000 customers.

In light of the anticipated strike, France’s DGAC aviation authority requested earlier this week that airlines cut the number of flights on Friday in half.

The restriction on overflying France, according to Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe by a number of passengers carried, will mostly affect Ryanair. During its busiest season, it operates up to 3,000 flights every day across Europe.

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“It is time that the EU step in and protect overflights so that European passengers are not repeatedly held to ransom by a tiny French ATC union,” Ryanair Operations Director Neal McMahon said in a statement.

The statement recommended allowing other air traffic control centers to oversee overflights over France during strikes.

Only 45% of Air France’s short- and medium-haul flights will be operating on Friday, the airline announced.

The SNCTA air control union in France claims that the walkout was caused by inflation and its desire for more employees.

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