Turkish Twist for Russian Jets?

SEVERAL BOEING 737 MAX 8 jets Spotters in the Seattle area noted the invasion of Ukraine have created heading to Russia - several Airbus originally destined for Russia's S7 Airlines now appear to be going to Turkish Airlines and its leisure subsidiary AnadoluJet. As many as five airframes, which currently retain much of the distinctive two-tone green colour scheme of S7, have been seen with Turkish registrations.

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Spotters in Seattle area noted the following examples at Boeing Field in mid-May, bound for Turkey: TC-LAG (c/n 61810), TC-LAH (c/n 61845), TC-LAI (c/n 64947) (pictured), TC-LAJ (c/n 64462) and TC-LAK (c/n 61848). The far-reaching economic sanctions imposed against Moscow by Western powers following the headaches for aircraft manufacturers and leasing companies alike. The firms have had to overhaul their customer pipelines, forfeiting orders from Russian businesses and expediting other operators to fill the void.


Boeing is not alone in having to find new homes for aircraft once heading to Russia - Several Airbus A321neo examples in S7 colours have been pictured parked at the facilit of European OEM Finkenwerder in Germany. These include c/n 10809, 10756, 10789 and 10883. For the time being, new customers for these jets had not yet been confirmed.

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