Lufthansa Will Receive 1st. Boeing 787 By End of August

Lufthansa is preparing to take delivery of its first Dreamliner in a matter of days, with the jet set to arrive before the end of August. The 787-9 has been stuck at Boeing factories for months as the FAA imposed a ban on deliveries which was only lifted two weeks ago. 

It was reported earlier this summer that Lufthansa's Boeing 787-9 will be delivered sometimes during summer. read more

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Lufthansa's first 787-9 is registered D-ABPA and nicknamed 'Berlin' was manufactured three years ago (in August 2019). Now, after months of delays, first due to COVID and then Boeing's FAA woes, Lufthansa's first Dreamliner is finally set to arrive for commercial service. The plane has actually already been in Germany, undergoing an extensive cabin refurbishment to feature Lufthansa's new business class cabin.

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As the tweet mentions, D-ABPD (nicknamed 'Frankfurt am Main') will join the fleet sometime in the fall. With an order for 32 aircraft, it will be a while before all aircraft are inducted but Lufthansa is looking forward to taking as many as possible.

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