On Tuesday, a Viva Aerobus Airbus A320 suffered an engine failure shortly after departing from Guadalajara International Airport (GDL) en route to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The incident was recorded on camera and posted on social media, and it can be seen how the right engine is on fire while the aircraft is in the air.

Airbus A320-200, registration XA-VAJ, to operate flight VB518 between Guadalajara and Los Angeles. The flight departed at 22:03 local time and landed nearly an hour later in Guadalajara following the failure of its right engine, a V2500 manufactured by International Aero Engines.

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According to local reports, the aircraft was climbing out of Guadalajara’s runway 10 when the passengers heard a loud boom from the right engine. Streaks of flames and sparks were later seen being emitted by the engine. The Aviation Herald reports that the crew stopped the climb at 13,000 feet, shut the engine down, and returned to Guadalajara. They safely landed the aircraft and postponed the flight for nearly 12 hours. Flight VB518 departed again at 6:50 on Wednesday, employing an Airbus A320neo registration XA-VIJ, according to data by

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Airbus A320 involved in the engine failure remains parked in Guadalajara.

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Airline statement:

"In accordance with established safety protocols, the Viva Aerobus crew returned to Guadalajara International Airport, making a successful landing at 22:45 hours, confirming the safety of all passengers on board and all crew members. Control of the aircraft was maintained at all times in accordance with the procedures established by the manufacturer, which are designed to continue safe operation under these conditions. In addition, the crew provided timely and professional attention to passengers who required it."

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