INCIDENT | Airplane tug crushed underneath plane at LaGuardia Airport

An airplane tug driver has miraculously escaped what seemed like certain death on the LaGuardia Airport tarmac in Queens.

An American Airlines plane that he was towing went haywire and drove over his vehicle in a dramatic crash caught on video.

Footage shows the driver of what's referred to as a 'super tug' pulling the Boeing 737 from the hangar to the gate early Tuesday morning.

The video begins with the driver making a sharp right-hand turn to position the passenger aircraft facing the jet bridge. 

Suddenly the plane continues to rotate and the tow vehicle appears to get sucked under the landing gear of the plane which slowly rocks to a stop on top of the cab of the tug.

Additional video from another angle shows workers in yellow vests milling around the vehicle with the driver still stuck in the crushed cab. His bare leg and boot can be seen still sitting behind the wheel with the 90,000 lbs plane resting on his vehicle.

Broken glass litters the tarmac. 

He appears to be moving, but his head and upper body are obscured by the crushed cab. An airport official appear to be talking to him in the cab.

He was taken to a local hospital as a precautionary measure, but he was unharmed in the smash up. 

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the airport said that no flight crew or passengers were on the plane and that there were no injuries. 

No flights were delayed because of the wreck.

The airplane was towed back to the hangar and another aircraft too its place for the flight, according to the agency. 

'Safety is our highest priority, and we've launched an internal investigation to learn more,' according to Port Authority and American Airlines  emails.

The airplane was reportedly scheduled to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina, a route between the two cities that appears to be cursed lately.

Last week, passengers on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte to JFK endured a wilting six-hour delay in two boiling hot planes without food or water as fellow travelers cracked up around them.

Flight 327 began with great hope of leaving the runway last Sunday at 1:07 p.m. from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, scheduled to touchdown in JFK three hours later.

Genna Contino, a journalist with the Charlotte Observer, who was on the flight, said that the airline would not let the passenger off the un-air conditioned plane and offered little refreshments.

After the initial announcement of a delay, the flight attendants came around and offered half a cup of water to the parched passengers, Contino said. 

After a few hours, every time the pilot came on the intercom, which she said was not often, passengers would groan and shout 'Give us free alcohol!'

Contino, who was on her way to attend a conference on fiscal reporting at the City University New York University Journalism School, told the MailOnline that a woman who was speaking Spanish appeared to be complaining about the grueling conditions on the flight and began to weep over the lengthy delay.

When the flight finally touched down at JFK in Queens at 7:30 at night, Contino said that a cheer went up in the cabin.

'Everyone applauded,' she said. 'We didn't think we'd make it.' 

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