U.S Travellers Plan Their Summer Holidays Amid Surge in Flight Fares

After two years of empty aircraft due to Covid-19 breakout, now flights are loaded with passengers. Cirium data showed that the largest 11 American Airlines, will operate 12% less summer flights due to shortage of pilots and fuel prices increase. Not to mention that it was proven that American entertainment destinations are the most popular in the world. All these mean that the number of travellers will exceed that available capacity for the airlines. This state of imbalance will cause domestic summer flight fares to increase by 25% compared to pre-pandemic fare levels, and 50% higher than last year according to Hopper travel search engine.

Domestic flight fares in the United States have increased 18.6% last April, it was the highest monthly increase since 1963. Triple A has remarked that this increase raised the average price of a domestic airline ticket by $160 to $445. Skyscanner data showed similar raises on international routes, as fares increased by 20% since 2019 to average $797.

One of the most popular routes, is Los Angeles - New York, the fare average is $569 with 69% increase from 2019 price. The ticket price from New York to San Francisco has doubled to be $662. According to Hopper, this surge in prices is even worse in markets that witnessed service reduction. For example the flight fares from St. Louis, MO to Decatur, IL increase 815% to be $609, and from Settle, WA to Huston, TX increased 541% to be $1,383.

The Russia - Ukraine crisis has increase more salt to the wound, as it caused a massive increase in ticket prices due to fuel cost that went up like a rocket. 

Even though many airlines CEO's repeatedly said that the high fares and inflation will not affect summer travel plans, however, other sources disagree. Researchers of Adobe Digital Insights reported that domestic bookings through internet for the memorial weekend have reduced 13% until end of April, compared to 2019.

On the other hand, a survey done by "The Points Guy" website on early May, the 41% of the Americans mentioned that the cost is the baggiest obstacle facing their summer travel plans.

Scott Keyes, founder and chief flight expert, advises travellers, who are frustrated with prices, to postponed their holiday plans rather than cancel. He explained that prices have dropped 30% in August compared to mid summer levels.

By Aero News Journal Team - Data from Bloomberg

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