New Aircraft Interiors and Cabin Crew Uniforms Unveiled by ITA

Italy’s reimagined national flag airline has showcased a new aircraft interior, as well as a new cabin crew uniform and onboard dining experience for its Airbus A350 long-haul aircraft.

A new advertising campaign and cooperation with the Italian national soccer team will promote the new appearance.

ITA Airways is the Italian government’s takeover of the defunct Alitalia airline. When the Italian government was unable to find a buyer for the debt-ridden Alitalia, the airline was officially founded in October 2021.

ITA Airways has decided to spend on revamping itself with a striking blue aircraft livery and all-new interiors, despite possessing the Alitalia brand.

The Alitalia logo is being removed from older planes, and cabin crews will soon be wearing a new uniform.

According to ITA Airways, the uniform was designed in-house with the help of renowned Italian fashion business Brunello Cucinelli.

The airline was unable to provide a cost estimate for the new uniform project, but a representative said that a phased rollout of the uniform beginning June 1 will “prevent squandering money” by replacing out-of-stock old uniform components.

Meanwhile, Walter De Silva designed the new airplane interiors, which will debut on ITA’s new fleet of Airbus A350-900 planes. ITA Airways will lease six A350s, three of which have already been delivered and the fourth scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks.

The plane has 334 seats, comprising 33 Business Class seats and 301 Economy seats, and 39 Comfort Economy seats with increased legroom.

The major colors onboard are blue and sand, and ITA Airways claims that the interiors have been intended to be “economically efficient” with sustainability at the forefront of its operations.

ITA Airways has also bought ten Airbus A330neo aircraft for its long-haul operations, as well as seven A220 and 11 A320neo aircraft to replace its aging short-haul fleet.

The Italian government is attempting to sell a major part in ITA Airways, with a joint bid from Lufthansa and shipping behemoth MSC presently leading the pack. If the deal goes through, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance will keep a minority holding in ITA.

However, it is questionable whether new owners will be able to re-invent Italy’s national flag carrier. Despite

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