Drastic water leak in a middle of a British Airways A380’s cabin to Washington

A steady shower of water fell from the ceiling of the Airbus A380 during Flight BA292 from Heathrow to Washington DC.

Stairs at the front of the plane leading from the First cabin up to Club World seats were also drenched.

Crew members were soaked trying to mop up the water and passengers scarpered to dry areas of the plane.

Towels and blankets were frantically placed on the floor and around the emergency exit door to try and stem the flow.

Nervous flyers were worried the water may damage the avionics wiring and the electrics.

Despite the best efforts of crew, water was still streaming from a clean water tank.

Hundreds of litres of water from one of the jet’s supplies was washing around the plane towards the end of the 12-hour flight.

BA said no diversion was necessary because safety was not compromised. The jet was fixed by engineers on touchdown and later resumed service.

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