British Airline Jet2 Offering Staff a £1,000 Bonus for the ‘Challenging’ Summer Season

In return for surviving a busy summer season that chief executive Steve Heapy describes as a “tremendous challenge,” British low-cost carrier Jet2 is promising its whole crew a £1,000 “thank you” bonus each.

To prevent cabin staff and other in-demand front-line employees from leaving during the upcoming few months, when passenger numbers are anticipated to surpass pre-pandemic levels, the bonus offer imitates an incentive plan from low-cost rival EasyJet.

Jet2 has been able to sidestep some of the chaos afflicting travel agencies like TUI, which was forced to postpone dozens of flights owing to a staffing shortfall. However, Jet2 is still facing the same hiring difficulties, including a backlog in the mandatory security vetting process.

Although Heapy has complained to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps about the shortage of applicants in the employment market because “Brexit has knocked hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people out of the work market,” Jet2 has so far avoided any staffing-related cancellations.

Heapy was compelled to refute claims that he informed Shapps that “lazy Brits who live off welfare and lay on their arses” were to blame for the current recruitment difficulties.

Jet2’s spokesman agreed that Heapy had decried the effects that Brexit has had on the job market but insisted that the remarks were “categorically” not Heapy’s thoughts or feelings.

Shapps has rejected Shapps’ request to temporarily relax immigration laws so that European workers may fill open positions throughout the aviation sector.

“As you are aware, the last few weeks have been a tremendous challenge and the airline industry has received a lot of negative media attention,” Heapy told workers in a recent memo.

“Given the inflationary environment we are currently experiencing, we want to reward your dedication and hard work,” the memo continues. Heapy outlined how workers would receive an immediate 4 percent pay rise, along with a £1,000 thank you a bonus which will only be paid at the end of the summer.

Heapy says the bonus will let employees “splash out on a little treat”.

While British Airways is providing a sign-on bonus of £1,000 to employees who fill essential openings on the ground, EasyJet also intends to pay cabin staff a £1,000 extra for working throughout the summer.

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