Boeing’s latest ecoDemonstrator to test 30+ sustainability projects on 777-200ER

Boeing unveiled the 2022 ecoDemonstrator program on a 777-200ER aircraft on June 16, 2022, part of the manufacturer’s ongoing efforts to develop new technologies to reduce emissions and make flying more sustainable.

Flying on a 30/70 blend of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and conventional jet fuel, the latest ecoDemonstrator will test about 30 new technologies aimed at improving sustainability and safety for the aerospace industry. 

The date also marks Boeing’s 10-year anniversary of its ecoDemonstrator program, celebrating tests of 230 projects on nine airplanes including the 2022 platform.

The 2022 ecoDemonstrator will undergo 6 months of flight and ground tests. Some of the tests will include: 

  • SMART vortex generators in collaboration with NASA – small vertical vanes on the wing – that improve aerodynamic efficiency during takeoff and landing
  • A system to conserve onboard water and reduce weight as well as fuel use
  • Additively manufactured (3D printed) airplane and engine parts to help reduce fuel use and manufacturing waste
  • An environmentally preferred refrigerant and a new fire suppression agent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • A heads-up enhanced vision system for pilots to improve operational efficiency
  • Continued comprehensive study of the impact of sustainable aviation fuel toward the reduction of emissions
  • For all flight tests, the 777-200ER will fly on a highest approved blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) available

"The Boeing ecoDemonstrator program brings together the two most important ingredients to a more sustainable future – innovative technologies and partnerships with customers, suppliers, government agencies and academia," Chris Raymond, Boeing chief sustainability officer said in a statement.

"We celebrate the past successes and look forward to continuing this iconic program to help decarbonize aviation, together."

Since 2012, Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program has tested about 230 technologies to help decarbonize aviation, improve operational efficiency and enhance safety and the passenger experience.

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