UAE Company Signs a Contract With Taliban To Operate Airport Ground Services

After many months of negotiations with Qatar, Turkey and United Arab Emirates, Taliban finally signed an agreement with GAA - A UAE based company, to provide airport management services to three Afghan airports. The airports included in the deal are; Kabul, Herat and Kandahar.

Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan tweeted that he hopes this contract will encourage international airlines to start operate their flights to Afghanistan and that the country is in "safe and reliable environment". He added that the deal will hopefully "help the country to increase trading and business with other countries."

After American troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban regime went into talks with Qatar and Turkey over management of Kabul Airport.

According to Reuters reports that a source familiar with the negotiations, that talks falter due to Qatar's requirements to have Qatari security personnel to be present at the airport. That had apparently been unacceptable for the Taliban. read more

It's not yet known if the deal with UAE company airport handler is including airport security.

By Aero News Journal Team

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