Review | Top Gun - Maverick, The Magic Combo By Tom Cruise - No Spoilers!

Yesterday was a big day for me. Finally, after 36 years of waiting, I went to watch Tom Cruise's "Top Gun - Maverick". Ever since the announcement of the movie release, two years ago, I was very excited to watch it. The movie was supposed to be release on May 2020. But then the pandemic has broken out worldwide and the movie was not released. It was such a disappointment to all Top Gun fans. But actually, not watching the new Top Gun movie was the least of our problems. 

After two years of hardship with the pandemic, "Top Gun - Maverick" was such a scene for the sore eyes. 

The first "Top Gun" movie was one of the reasons that I applied for the airforce academy. But unfortunately I was not fit as a fighter pilot, and eventually I ended up flying the friendly skies. 

The new "Top Gun - Maverick" is very nostalgic movie, starting from the credits at the beginning of the movie all the way until the end credits. I believe that only "Top Gun" movie fans will see the movie with different eye from normal spectators. They will notice another "Maverick - Iceman" relationship between two of the pilots that Maverick is suppose to train. 

Tom Cruise took this movie to the next level of aviation movies, you almost feel how those fighter pilots feel inside the cockpit of the F-18. Tom Cruise took care of every single detail within the movie. 

He made a movie with a mind of a pilot and presented the aviation scenes with mind of a movie maker. These two minds of his, made a movie that would make it very diffecult for any other movie maker to present an aviation movie. Tom Cruise made new standards for aviation movies.

To all aviation enthusiast out there, the movie is a "Must Watch"! It will, literally, keeps you to the edge of your seats. And most likely, just like me, you will go and watch it again.


Tamer Sedky

Aviation Enthusiast, Columnist 
and Blogger.

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