A fight breaks out between a United ticket agent and a passenger (Video)

A video of a United Airlines ticket agent getting into a physical conflict with a passenger has gone viral.

Since it was shared on social media roughly 15 hours ago, the video has been viewed over 10 million times, so chances are that almost everyone will see it soon.

A few different clips of what happened are available. The 45-second video with the most views shows a United employee making the first physical touch. However, a second video shows the passenger making the first physical touch, indicating that the footage begins earlier.

Regardless of the version you see, be aware that this is a graphic and bloody video, so proceed with caution.

We don’t know how the issue originated, and we don’t even know which airport this is.

We also have no idea who began the fight. Although we don’t know what happened before the shooting began, the clips we have show the passenger throwing the first punch.

For anyone who (understandably) does not want to see the footage, both the passenger and the United employee are shown baiting one another.

The passenger slams into the United employee, the United employee slams into the passenger, and the passenger slams into the United employee even harder, knocking him to the ground.

The United agent stands up, his face covered in blood, and continues to fight.

To his credit, the passenger calmly chats to the United employee at this point and doesn’t hit him again, despite the fact that the United employee is clearly asking for it and wants a bigger fight

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