Netflix - Downfall, the case against Boeing - Review By FlyingFreak73

wo days ago, accidentally, I found a documentary on Netflix with the name: "Downfall, the case against Boeing." The name was enough for me to immediately start watching. The duration of this documentary is one hour, 38 minutes.
The first half of the documentary demonstrated the two fatal accidents of Boeing 737Max, which claimed the lives of 346 people. 
The second part of the documentary was all about what was the reasons behind these two fatal accidents. It also show how Boeing deteriorate, from being one of the most distinguish planemakers to a notorious one. The documentary also showed the Congress investigation about the two fatal crashes in the presence of the families of the victims. 

That documentary was really educational for me. The documentary showed facts that I already knew, but also showed a lot of facts that I didn't know even though I'm in the field of aviation for many years.
The testimonials of the aviation experts and from families of the victims and whistle blowers, were really shocking and disturbing.
The thing that I found it kind of weird was that there was no indication in that documentary about the responsibility of FAA!

The documentary didn't show how FAA was not properly oversighting as a regulator over the American planemaker.

As whole, this documentary produced by Netflix is really worth watching and it's an eye-opening to all those are interested in aviation in general and Boeing in particular.

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