"Emirates SkyCargo announce a world record in Covid-19 vaccine distribution

Image: Emirates Twitter

Emirates SkyCargo announced that it had set a record in the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, by transporting 600 million doses since October 2020, from 35 countries to more than 80 destinations.

“Emirates SkyCargo is committed to the rapid distribution of Covid-19 vaccines to communities in need around the world, and I am pleased to announce that about two-thirds of the total vaccines we have flown were to destinations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With our presence across six continents, extensive capacity and expertise in cold chain logistics, we will remain a reliable partner for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the coming months.” said Emirates SkyCargo Senior Vice President of Cargo, Nabil Sultan

“Emirates SkyCargo” recorded a steady growth in demand for the transportation of Corona vaccines in the second half of 2021 as a result of the widespread of vaccination campaigns across the world. In October and November 2021 alone, “Emirates SkyCargo” transported more than 200 million doses of vaccine, or about one third of the total vaccines carried by the sector since the beginning of the pandemic.

Regarding the Emirates SkyCargo program for transporting Covid-19 vaccines, Emirates flights have transported about 2.8 million kilograms (2,800 tons) of vaccines, equivalent to 600 million doses, since October 2020, from 35 countries to 80 destinations across six continents.

In general, one flight carried an average of 7 million doses, and the transport operations were distributed to include priority markets for the delivery of vaccines: Asia (185 million doses), Africa (150 million doses), the Middle East (70 million doses), North America and Europe, the two main regions of origin for COVID-19 vaccines carried by Emirates SkyCargo.

The Emirates SkyCargo facilities for handling pharmaceutical products in Chicago, approved in accordance with European Union standards for safe distribution, dealt with more than 160 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine that were transported from the United States to various countries of the world.

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