Iran says it thwarted a "cyber attack" on an airline

Yesterday, Sunday, the Iranian airline "Mahan" announced that it had thwarted a new "cyber attack" targeting it, stressing that the operation is proceeding normally.

In a statement carried by Iranian state television yesterday, the company said: "Given the position of Mahan in the country's aviation system, multiple hacking attacks were carried out against the company at different times, in an effort to find a penetration in the airline's systems and create a loophole in ours."

"Such an attack is normal for Mahan, and the Mahan Cyber ​​Security team has always acted intelligently and in a timely manner and thwarted these attacks," the statement added.

The statement continued: "The company announces that all of its flights will be carried out according to the specified schedule, and that future flights will be carried out according to the previous schedule."

And fuel systems in Iran were subjected to a cyber attack, on the twenty-sixth of last October, which disrupted the subsidized fuel distribution system.

For his part, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said that the cyber attack that targeted gas stations in the country was aimed at "disrupting people's lives", to provoke the anger of citizens "by creating chaos and disorder in their lives."

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