Malaysia Airlines Passengers Suffered From Broken Air Conditioners For 2 Hours (Video)

Travelling is meant to be enjoyable. Regardless of the flight, you’re meant to just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey to your destination especially if you got the window seat because who doesn’t enjoy a nice view right?.

Unfortunately, some travel plans don’t go as you’d expect and there’s little to nothing you can do about it. Imagine boarding a plane and there is no air conditioner, that could make any passenger annoyed and angry.

A video was recently posted by user @babahnadeen on TikTok showing passengers on a Malaysia Airlines flight suffering from the heat because the air conditioners were broken. The video has since gone viral with 1.5 million views, 105.1k likes and 4.7k comments.

@babahnadeen Eh padah2 azrab la mat #celahbedah #pada2handal #babahborak ♬ original sound - 🔹Babah Nadeen🔹

In the video, we can hear children crying due to the heat while another passenger complained to the flight attendants. Other than the broken air conds, it was also reported that the flight got delayed for 2 hours, adding to the passengers’ frustrations.

User @babahnadeen posted a follow-up video after being informed that the flight was delayed due to technical issues. He then added that the crew members should’ve done this sooner and prioritised the passengers. He advised Malaysia Airlines to think of the passengers with children who were sweating and crying from the heat and that they should’ve let the passengers go back into the airport while they deal with the issue.

Netizens reacted to the videos on both TikTok and Twitter saying they felt sorry for the passengers and that they understand their frustration. Many commented that these things could have been avoided had the crew members acted quickly and efficiently.

So far, Malaysia Airlines has not released an official statement to address the viral videos although netizens have been bombarding their social media pages in the comment sections requesting for a statement and better services.


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